Sonic Unleashed Gif Master Post

Opening Cutscene Part 2

Destroying the flagship 

I can physically feel my blood starting to boil. You’ve wronged me, and the difference is I’m not going to wrong you. I was helpless and looked over for years because of you, and now you’re doing what I dream of doing. I physically cannot stand your existence but you will never see me do what you did to me. I pray that I finally get to where I wanna be, but for now, I will continue to let this bug me. Why? Because it’s ALL I WANT TO DO and you hindered it, and now YOU’RE DOING WHAT I WANT TO DO. I can’t be happy about it, either. I know it’s more than just my dream, as many others want it too, but I can’t help but think where I would be if you didn’t degrade me years ago.

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